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Pool loungers, pool remodel in Walnut Creek, Riviera Pools, Wet Edge Plaster Primera Stone Basalt, Bisazza, Ghiaccio plus

Why do we live in California? Because it's absolutely beautiful and we have some of the best weather (and many more reasons)! When thinking about living in California, many of us think about palm trees and swimming pools. As a realtor in the East Bay, I rarely encounter palm trees on a wish list but pools are frequently at the top. While pools have always been a desirable feature, we saw an uptick in buyer demand for pools following the pandemic as more and more people were looking to create an outdoor oasis. Pool builders also saw an increase in demand as homeowners who didn't have pools began exploring options in how to create that picture perfect California vibe.

In speaking with my home buyer clients, I try to understand why they do or do not want a pool. We go over the safety concerns, how to address those concerns, the aesthetics of the pool, and whether they are willing to install a pool if the home does not already have one. While putting in a pool can be expensive, the benefit of installing your own pool is that you can control the placement and look of the pool. Many are opting for rectangular pools over the previously beloved kidney shaped pool, due it's sleek design and the ability to add a safety auto cover. A pool can add to your quality of life as an easy source of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends.


If you are intimidated about adding your own pool, I hope our project helps you see how adding a pool can transform a space, and get you closer to your oasis!

My home in Walnut Creek has a small backyard with a slope. When anyone heard that I had big plans to put a pool in this space they thought that it couldn't be done, that the backyard was too small, and that it would look out of place. We made it happen by working with a trusted landscape architect, landscaper, and pool builder! I gave them inspiration photos and shared my overall vision and we fine tuned details along the way. A stellar team is crucial!

I love working with my clients to see the potential in a space. They can be bigger transformations like this one, or they can be on a smaller scale. Considering buying a home in the East Bay with a pool, or thinking of adding a pool? As a real estate agent, I can help you find your dream home. As a decorator, I can help you create your dream home. I would love to hear from you!

For more photos from this project visit the gallery on my website:


Photography: Laura Parker Photography

Pool Builder: Riviera Pools

Landscape Architect: Environmental Foresight

Outdoor Kitchen Components:


Pool waterline tile: Bisazza Ghiaccio Plus

Pool plaster: Wet Edge Primera Stone - Color Basalt

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