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Dog shower with cle tile zelling tiles in weathered white

Looking to add value to your home, increase storage AND never have to do laundry in the garage again? Pro tip - convert part of your garage into a mudroom/laundry room! If you have a dog, I highly recommend also adding a dog shower.

I can’t count the number of times this has happened. I walk into a garage with a client and they see the washer/dryer. They immediately ask “where can we put a laundry room?" If the house has a 3 car garage - the answer is easy. Convert one of the garage spaces into a mudroom/laundry room! As a realtor in the East Bay, I come across 3 car garages all the time. Even if someone has 3 cars, they usually leave at least one out of the garage for extra storage. I see this with 2 car garages too, when clients don’t use both spaces for cars. Why not get the most out of the space and optimize storage and laundry? Win-win! A combination mudroom/laundry room can be a great solution. A mud room is an area close to the entryway of a home that acts as a catchall when you enter the home. It's a place to take off your muddy boots and rainy jackets without messing up the rest of your home, and a place to keep extra storage to help stay organized. Combining a mudroom and laundry room, if space allows, can be a huge benefit. This is because both areas have durable flooring for messes/moisture, and can function naturally in the same space together.


When we bought our home we had a 3 car garage circa 1971, with the laundry machine and dryer in the garage. Like many, we did not need the extra car space so we decided to convert the third car bay into a mudroom/laundry room. We were also getting a new puppy at the time and thought it would be great to incorporate a dog shower into the design. We wanted something that was around waist height so we would not be bending to bathe the puppy. We could not be happier with the overall result!

We wanted to ensure the space was functional and looked like it belonged with the rest of the home aesthetically, while remaining budget friendly. We knew we wanted a lot of storage cabinets, which can be expensive. We used IKEA cabinets to cut down on cost, but were still able to achieve an elevated look with the Stensund line and the sussex tumbled brass cabinet knobs from Pottery Barn. We wanted the dog shower to feel special so we used zellige tile from Clé Tile. We put in a window and a strategically placed mirror to create more natural light. We used porcelain tile for the flooring but had it installed in a herringbone pattern to add interest. We have a full size refrigerator to accommodate all of our Costco overflow. Finally, we incorporated a bench that makes for easy shoe/cleat changes, and a row of baskets under the bench for shoe and sports gear storage. Now doing laundry is a lot less of a chore, and we are able to keep the kids (somewhat) organized when they come home from school!

Mudroom/Laundry room with MSI Brickstone Herringbone Tile and Ikea Stensund cabinets

Are you ready to see the before?

Here are some additional photos of this project.

Mudroom/Laundry Room with Ikea Stensund Cabinets, and MSI Brickstone Porcelain Tile in Herringbone Pattern

Mudroom/Laundry Room with stackable washer/dryer and dog shower, herringbone tile with MSI Brickstone Taupe Porcelain Tiles

Mudroom/Laundry Room with MSI Brickstone Porcelain Tile in Herringbone Pattern, and Crate and Barrel black  Pali Bench

I hope you like the result as much as we do!

Are you thinking of buying a home and you want help to see the potential? Are you considering selling your home, and want to discuss the potential return on your investment? Reach out to me! I would love to chat.




Herringbone Floor Tile: MSI Brickstone Tile - Taupe

Cabinets: Ikea - Stensund

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